Athena AS-C1.2 Audition Series Center Channel Speaker

Athena AS-C1.2 Audition Series Center Channel Speaker

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Product Description

The perfect complement to a surround system built around Athena Audition speakers, the AS-C1 center-channel speaker will also provide clear, natural sound when integrated with your existing left/right stereo speakers--a convenient way to inch into full-blown surround sound when used in conjunction with a multichannel audio/video surround receiver.

While the AS-C1 was designed as a center-channel speaker in a multichannel surround speaker system, it can also be used in modular fashion for stereo sound (using 2) or for timbrally matched left, center, right, and surround placement (using 3 or more), affording both horizontal and vertical positioning.

The 2-way AS-C1 uses a pair of 5.5-inch injection-molded polypropylene woofer with a 1-inch Teteron dome tweeter. The 8 ohm-compatible speaker can handle up to 250 watts of amplification, and it's designed to be extremely efficient and therefore undemanding of your power amplifier. Most amplifiers with a power rating of 20 to 100 watts per channel will drive the speaker efficiently. If you're using more than 1 pair of speakers on the same amplifier channel (an additional pair of speakers for another room, for example), make sure your amplifier can handle loads under 8 ohms.

The rear-ported, bass-reflex enclosure allows the speaker cones to push more air, resulting in greater bass output and impressively full-bodied sound for dialogue and music alike. The speaker is magnetically shielded to prevent distortion when placed close to or atop a television.