Sanyo DWL2500 Short Throw Projector

Sanyo DWL2500 Short Throw Projector

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The Sanyo PDG-DWL2500 is an ultra short throw WXGA projector. It produces a large image in very little space - an 80" diagonal 16:10 image requires only 13" of clearance. With a 2500-lumen maximum light output, 3D capability, and excellent connectivity, the DWL2500 makes a great addition to any classroom or conference room. Never again will you need to worry about casting a shadow over your presentation. It is not portable and placement can be a hassle, but once installed, the DWL2500 is a solid performer. It retails for $1,995.


Image quality. The DWL2500 is a bright projector, with a brilliant data image that looks best with simple content like text documents and spreadsheets. Contrast is sufficient for use in ambient light, though shadow detail is not as well-defined as on some competing models. On our test unit, shadows were often crushed in lower illumination areas, meaning the DWL2500 is best used with bright, high-contrast content such as text documents and simple Powerpoint presentations. And while color accuracy and saturation is excellent at higher brightness, less intense colors suffer from the same crushed shadows. The DWL2500 is best paired with text, data graphics, and spreadsheet data, while photographs can look good depending on content. Using one of the less bright image modes, like Real or Cinema, can also help correct for this imbalance.

Ultra Short Throw. The DWL2500 is known as an ultra short throw projector, which is a somewhat fuzzy category. However, the generally accepted characteristics seem to include projectors that can display a moderately-sized image from throw distances of less than a foot. This makes the DWL2500 ideal for rooms where there isn't a lot of space or where a presenter must interact with their material often--classrooms come to mind immediately.

The DWL2500 will display an 80" diagonal 16:10 image at 13" throw distance from lens to screen. This is already impressive, but more so when you realize that the lens housing is situated near the back of the projector. For that 80" diagonal image, the front edge of the projector can be positioned only 1" away from the screen surface.

This also has the advantage of reducing the shadow cast by a presenter operating close to the screen. Since the DWL2500 has such an extreme throw angle, you can get very close to the screen (say, within nine inches) before you begin to cast a shadow on the projected image. In a teaching environment, this allows you to lecture from the front of the class without blocking the picture or having the bright projector lamp shine in your eyes.