Mission M35i Floor Standing Speaker

Mission M35i Floor Standing Speaker

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Tall and elegant, Mission's m35i three-way floorstanding loudspeakers reveal the full energy of the audio signal whether you're listening to your favorite music or watching a surround-sound-encoded DVD. Each speaker boasts a trio of 6.5-inch DiaDrive units--two for low frequencies and one for mids--that deliver impressive bass extension and clear midrange performance. Further adding to the sound quality is the curved profile of the 1.37-inch front baffle, which optimizes the audio dispersion and provides a rigid framework for the drivers. Completing the cabinet construction is the 0.7-inch MDF material and the profiled plinth, which adds stability and improves bass transient performance.

The speakers' midrange enclosures include damped reflex ports to enhance the dynamics and detail of the middle frequencies, while the 1-inch Viotex fabric dome tweeters offer an excellent dynamic range and precise bandwidth. The speakers' i-series crossover, meanwhile, takes into account the baffle diffraction effect to open up the midrange performance even more, while also integrating the drive units to ensure smoother treble output. The crossovers are also wired with Mission's special HP-OFC (high-purity oxygen-free copper) cable, which features dedicated bass and treble formulations to further enhance the audio clarity.

To enjoy the best performance within a surround sound system, listeners should consider teaming the m35i speakers with Mission's m3dsi or m30i rear satellite speakers, m3c1i center channel speaker, and ms8, ms10, or m3as subwoofers. All the speakers are magnetically shielded to protect against video interference and are tonally matched to ensure the best possible sound for movies and multichannel music formats. The graphite-black-finished m35i speakers handle an amp load of 25 to 150 watts and measure 10.2 by 40.5 by 14.8 inches (W x H x D) each. They're also backed by a one-year warranty on parts and labor.