Definitive Technology ProCinema ProMonitor 100 & 80 Speakers Pair

Definitive Technology ProCinema ProMonitor 100 & 80 Speakers Pair

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The ProMonitors are a masterpiece of engineering and design virtuosity. They are beautifully sculptured, ultra-compact, magnetically shielded main or rear channel full-range systems. The cabinets are molded of a Definitive developed high-density, mineral-filled, non-resonant polymer material called PolyStone™. Housed in the totally inert enclosures are a cast-basket 4-1/2″, 5-1/4″ or 6-1/2″ bass-midrange driver and a 1″ pure aluminum dome tweeter (the same basic drivers used in our top of the line bipolar powered towers), perfectly blended together with a complex Linkwitz-Riley crossover network.

The rear and sides of the enclosures are actually one continuous compound curve which has very specific performance benefits in addition to its obvious styling attributes. This NROC™ (Non Resonance Optimization Curve™) is precisely configured, in combination with a nonparallel top and bottom, to minimize both internal reflections and cabinet-wall resonances to achieve purer sound and greater clarity.

Cleverly incorporated in the design of the 100 is a matching stand with a pivoting mount which can be optionally attached to the bottom (or also to the rear of the enclosure for a pivoted wall mount) plus a built-in keyhole mount on all three for total flexibility for on-wall or shelf mounting. Optional matching floor stands come at no extra charge.

Now, for the first time, the requirements of small, easy-to-place systems are met with true state-of-the-art, no-compromise loudspeakers.
The ProMonitors are full-range speakers, intended to be used by themselves in a host of applications (including as stand-alone bookshelf, stand- or wallmounted
speakers), as well as paired with matching powered subwoofers and/or center channels in astounding music and movie systems of astonishing performance capability.
Ultra-smooth high-definition clarity and musical linearity combine with superb transient response, tremendous dynamic range, rich warmth and precise room-filling three-dimensional imaging.

The sonic depth, width, and height reproduction and sound of these amazingly compact speakers is so big that Home Theater magazine said, they “seem as though they are monster towers if you close your eyes.”